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Todd Gibel is the husband of Little Women: LA cast member Christy McGinity Gibel.


Todd Gibel was born on January 19, 1968.

Behind the Scenes

Gibel was adopted during his childhood.

Todd dated former Little Women: LA cast member Briana Renée before he got married.

Todd and Christy on their wedding day.

Todd was married to Christy McGinity Gibel. The two got married on May 16, 2014.

Christy threatened to divorce Todd if he didn't get his weight under control. So in 2017, Todd underwent gastric bypass surgery, and lost over 52 pounds.

Before Todd was married to Christy, he was married to another woman. The two welcomed a daughter named Chloe, but since Todd and his wife at the time both have dwarfism, Chloe inherited the double dominant gene for dwarfism. She passed away 3 1/2 hours after being born.

Unfortunately, Todd and Christy's marriage began to fall apart. Christy started an online affair with a man named Gonzalo Carazo, due to Todd being "absent to her in various ways", and other issues, which pushed her to find affection elsewhere. As of March 2020, Christy and Todd are separated or divorced.