"The Truth Hurts" is the second episode of Season 3 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the 27th episode of the series overall.


Monie's biological father and brother pay her a visit unannounced;The twins feel backstabbed by Minnie's confession; Sam confronts Minnie about a newly discovered mugshot and the lies that she's told in the past.


The episode resumes the footage from the final scene of the previous episdode with the ladies still at the pride parade, and Minnie confessing to Ms.Juicy that she was never pregnant. Minnie says that it was confirmed that she wasn't pregnant, and she wanted to come to Juicy as a woman and apologize. Surprisingly, Ms.Juicy doesn't react furiously. Instead, she feels relieved that for the first time in


Minnie's life, she's telling the truth. Juicy tells Minnie that whenever she tried to be there for her, Minnie pushed her away. Minnie tells Juicy that she doesn't know how hurt she was when she found out that she wasn't pregnant. Juicy tells Minnie that she also wants a child, and in the past she herself had a miscarriage, and tells Minnie that it's just not her time to have a child. Minnie and Juicy apologize to each other, and then the two embrace.

Amanda tells Andrea that Minnie confessed to Juicy that she was never pregnant. After being told that, Andrea doesn't know if she can handle any more lies from Minnie. Amanda says that she and Andrea had Minnie's back through everything, and they found out that Minnie wasn't pregnant through Juicy, considering how Minnie is supposed to tell them everything. Andrea says that she made Minnie her daughter Aubrey's godmother, because she felt bad for Minnie because she thought that she had a miscarriage and wanted a baby. The twins plan on asking Minnie why she made her confession to Juicy (considering how Juicy talks the most mess about Minnie).

Minnie tells her mother (Tammie) that she'll be moving out soon, and she wants to throw a birthday party for herself to celebrate and to unite the group, and reveals that she told Juicy that she wasn't pregnant. Tammie reminds Minnie of all of the things that they went through with Juicy over the "pregnancy" (facing off against Ms.Juicy in court, etc.). Minnie appreciates how her mother lied about the pregnancy with her. Tammie tells Minnie not to bring her into the mix the next time her friends accuse her of lying.

Elsewhere, Tanya pulls up a mugshot of Minnie from a few years back, since a friend of hers brought it to her attention that Minnie has a past. She also tells Sam that Minnie was never pregnant. Sam finds the whole thing messed up and thinks that she should talk to Minnie.

Juicy goes to Monie's house to chat with her. Then there is a knock on Monie's door, and the people who are at the door are Monie's biological father and brother--who showed up unexpectedly. Monie invites them inside of her appartment. Monie's dad (Lawrence) asks where Morlin is, and Monie's brother says that he wants to meet Morlin. Monie's brother suggests that they all go out to dinner to talk things out, and so that he and Lawrence can meet Morlin.

Amanda talks to Sam about how Minnie lied about being pregnant. She says that the fact that Minnie told Juicy the news first made her and her sister mad, and she feels stupid for turning up on Monie and Juicy when she was standing up for Minnie at the get together at Tanya's house. Sam tells Amanda that she and Andrea shouldn't trust Minnie anymore. Amanda agrees with Sam, and she knew that Minnie was lying, and she just gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Morlin comes home from his job, and Monie decides to have a chat with him. She tells Morlin that her biological father and her brother came to visit her unexpectedly, heard through the grapevine that she and Morlin are getting married, and they want to ask Morlin some questions. Morlin says that he doesn't want to go through any more questioning and he can't go through that anymore. Morlin asks Monie if she thinks that her dad and brother showing up unexpectedly sounds suspicious, and he wonders why Monie's father wants to be around now that she's getting married. Monie tells Morlin that they will be meeting up with them for lunch to talk things out-- and there won't be any drama.

Amanda and Andrea help Minnie move into her new place. While they take a break from transporting furniture into the house, Amanda asks Minnie if there's anything she wants to tell her and her sister. Andrea tells Minnie that Juicy says that she lied about the pregnancy. Minnie tells the twins that she thought that she was pregnant and social media and the tabloids got a hold of the news and everything just spiraled out of control. Andrea tells Minnie that Amanda could've been the godmother of her daughter. Minnie says she knew she was


wrong and she should've told the truth from the beginning. The twins then ask Minnie why she told Juicy the news first instead of them. Minnie says she was caught in the moment at the pride parade, and looking back, she should've told them first, considering how good of friends they are to her. She then apologizes to the twins for lying. Andrea says that she loves Minnie, but she can't stand a liar. She then walks out of Minnie's house, and tells Minnie and Amanda that she'll be waiting in the car.

Tanya goes to Ms.Juicy's house. She tells Ms.Juicy that she found out that Minnie has a mugshot, and she and Sam want to confront her. Juicy doesn't think that's a good idea, and says that once someone confronts Minnie, she goes off.

Minnie meets up with Andrea. Minnie tells Andrea that she didn't want her to think that she doesn't care about her feelings. Andrea says that if Minnie cared about her feelings she wouldn't have lied, and what makes her more mad is that she made Minnie her daughter's godmother because she thought that Minnie actually lost a baby. Minnie says she's not going to lie anymore because she's turning over a new leaf. Minnie tells Andrea that she told Juicy the news first because she wanted to shut Juicy down, and that Juicy would bring up something every time the group would get together, but she's not putting Juicy in front of the twins. Andrea tells Minnie that Sam told Amanda not to trust her. Minnie says that Sam is a nobody, and she can't believe that Sam is deciding who in the group is trustworthy--she just came to Atlanta and she doesn't know her. Minnie is happy that the twins forgave her, and really wants them to trust her again.

Monie, Morlin, Monie's father, and brother go to a restaurant. Morlin introduces himself to Monie's father and brother. Lawrence (Monie's father) mentions how he had an issue with Morlin wanting Monie's stepdad's blessing instead of his. Monie says she has a better relationship with her stepdad because he raised her, and that's who's in her life. Monie's dad says he's there for Monie, and he feels like Monie should've come to him first. Monie's brother says that he was raised by a stepdad too, and they don't know when Monie or their dad will "close their eyes" that day or the next day. Monie says she wants everyone to get along, and says that her dad and her stepdad will walk her down the aisle.

All of the ladies get together at a restaurant for Minnie's birthday lunch. Sam is uncomfortable being there with Minnie, and finds it ridiculous how the rest of the group is celebrating a woman who has been lying to them for months. Minnie tells the group that she's on good terms with all of them. Then she tells Sam that it was brought to her attention that she doesn't trust her. Sam says that it's not that she doesn't trust Minnie, it's just that she's heard and seen some things about Minnie that she wouldn't think that she'd be about--which is Minnie's Mugshot. Minnie says that she has been to jail. When Sam asks why Minnie went to jail, Minnie says that they should move away from the subject. Sam says that the ladies are Minnie's friends and they should know everything about her. Minnie says that the ladies do know everything about her. Sam asks Minnie if they knew that Minnie lied about the baby. Minnie tells Sam that she already told them and asks why is she worried. Sam says that she thinks that's crazy to her, and Minnie tells Sam that she can think whatever she wants to think. Sam tells Minnie that she's wrong for what she did. The quarrel escalates and Sam tells the ladies that she doesn't know how they can deal with someone who lies. Once again, Minnie tells Sam that she can think whatever she wants to think. Sam threatens to climb over the table and put her hands on Minnie. Minnie points out how Sam is trying to bring up her past, and she says that Sam has a past. Sam asks Minnie how could she lie about being pregnant and brings up how other people have lost their children. Sam proceeds to leave, and insults Minnie for what she is wearing. Minnie says that Sam is fat, and vice versa, then Sam leaves.

Minnie tells the ladies that she thought that Sam didn't trust her because of the baby situation, but she brought up a whole other thing from her past, and says that everybody has a past. Tanya thinks that Minnie isn't scared of Sam, and vice versa. She also said that Minnie came for Sam, and Minnie should've known that Sam would be straight up about what she'd have to say to her. Sam feels like she needs to trust the people that she'll be hanging around, and if Minnie is always lying, she feels the need to question whether she should trust Minnie.

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