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Tammie Jackson guest starred as Minnie Ross' mother on Little Women: Atlanta.


Tammie was the mother of Little Women: Atlanta cast member Minnie Ross.

Tammie and her daughter Minnie had a close relationship as mother and daughter, and were best friends. When Minnie was born, Tammie was eighteen years old and a single mother. She was the one who had to deal with people bullying Minnie throughout her childhood, and never stopped standing up for her daughter.

A notable example of Tammie standing up for her daughter is in the Season 2 episode of Little Women: Atlanta titled, "Tammie Turns Up". When Minnie tells Tammie that Juicy threw her a baby shower to find out if she was really pregnant, she tells Minnie that she will "drag" Juicy. When Juicy and Minnie agree to meet up at a restaurant to talk about what happened at the baby shower between each other, Tammie tags along (to Juicy's surprise). After Minnie and Juicy chat about the incident a little bit, Tammie puts in her two cents. She tells Juicy that she's the devil and, that she once stated that people want to be like her. She also tells Juicy that she's from Chattanooga, and she will whoop her a**. Then Tammie picks up Juicy's plate of chicken wings and ranch dressing and dumps them on top of Juicy's head. She tells Juicy if she keeps questioning her daughter, Juicy will have more than chicken wings on her head.

In the episode titled, "Beach Bound", it is revealed that Juicy filed a restraining order against Tammie. The restraining order requested that Tammie stay 200 yards away from Juicy. She also had to go to court over the matter. The restraining order said that Juicy got hit in the head with the bowl that the chicken wings were in. Juicy, Tammie, and Minnie go to court in the episode titled, "Law and Disorder". The restraining order was lifted, since the incident was only a first offense. In the state of Georgia, you can't put a restraining order on someone if the incident hasn't happened before. Even after the restraining order was lifted, Juicy still chose to avoid Tammie.

Tammie joins the cast of Little Women: Atlanta in the Season 2 reunion episode titled, "Reunion Part 1". After the footage of Tammie dumping chicken wings on Juicy is shown, Tammie says she always had to deal with people bullying Mininie. She says she knew that Minnie was pregnant because she was there for Minnie with everything that happened to her. She says she got out of character when she threw those chicken wings on Juicy and lost control. She says that she isn't sorry for what she did. Juicy says she didn't threaten Minnie, hit her, or throw anything at her. Tammie says that Juicy has motives. Minnie tells Juicy to shut up, and starts talking mess about her. Tammie tells Juicy that she wanted to be Minnie, and wants Minnie. Reunion host Kevin Frazier asks Tammie if she's making an insinuation that there were some romantic feelings that Juicy had towards Minnie......

In the season 3 episode titled "Bobbleheads Will Roll", Juicy didn't attend Minnie's housewarming party because she didn't feel comfortable with the idea of being around Minnie and Tammie at the same time and didn't have time for any drama.

In Season 4, after Minnie was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Tammie moved back in with Minnie temporarily, to make sure that she was taking care of herself.

On Season 6 of Little Women: Atlanta, she meets her daughter’s boyfriend during a dinner at home.

Minnie's life celebration. Left to right: Jordan, Amanda, Andrea, Tammie, Monie, Juicy, and Bri.

After Minnie’s death, she makes an appearance. The Salinas Twins visit her at Minnie's apartment to see how she’s doing. Tammie tells the twins that she’s okay, but she has her moments and days where she’s not. She says that people tell her that she needs to go back to work but she’s not ready. She reflects on what happened the night of the accident and how she felt the day of the funeral. The three shed some tears through all of this.

Tammie and Juicy share a tearful hug.

Tammie participates in Minnie’s life celebration with the ladies. She chats with the ladies about happy memories that they had with Minnie, and sets lanterns with special messages written them afloat onto a lake. Tammie then apologizes to Juicy for throwing chicken wings on her 4 years ago, and she says that she was looking out for her daughter. The two share a tearful hug. Tammie also tells Juicy that she knows that Juicy loved Minnie.

She thanks the ladies for the beautiful ceremony for her daughter and tells them to keep in touch with her.


Tammie Marie Jackson was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She had one daughter named Ashley "Minnie" Ross. On April 27, 2020, Tammie's daughter Minnie passed away from injuries that she received in a car accident at 34 years old. At Minnie's funeral, Tammie revealed that Minnie called her right after the accident, and she could only hear Minnie breathing, and that gave her a little bit of comfort to know that her daughter was thinking of her.


  • Tammie enjoys watching the soap opera show titled, "The Young and the Restless".
  • She has a career in the medical field.
  • Jackson became a vegan in 2020.
  • She underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2019 and lost at least 100 pounds.