Skinny Minnie is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the 57th episode in the series overall.


Sam intervenes when Minnie wants to get a high-risk weight loss surgery. Amanda gets a job at a local nail salon, but it's not what she expected. Tanya is hesitant to bring her newborn daughter around some of the ladies.


The episode resumes with Devon calling Sam about Tanya going into labor. He says that Tanya's blood pressure was high. Sam asks Devon if the baby is okay. Devohn tells Sam that the baby is fine. Sam is relieved. Sam tells Devon

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to tell Tanya that she loves her.

The twins and Monie go to a nail workshop. Monie is at the workshop also. The ladies learn how to apply acrylic nails. Monie asks Amanda if she sees herself being a nail tech in the future. Amanda says she wants to give it a try, since

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she isn't doing anything for money at the moment. The teacher--Poochie, tells Amanda that she has the acrylic nail technique down.

Juicy and Monie go to a medical clinic to get vaccinated before they see Tanya's new baby, Tahirih, who was born two days before. The ladies set up a dinner to celebrate Tanya's new baby. Monie says she is scared of shots. Juicy gets vaccinated first. Money sits outside of the procedure room. It is then Monie's turn to get a shot. The medic tells Monie to not look at the needle when it is injected to her arm. Monie takes the medic's advice, it isn't as bad as she thought it would be. 

Minnie's mother Tammie pays her a visit at her house, unexpectedly. Minnie makes herself and Tammie a fruit smoothie. Minnie tells Tammie that she has been eating healthy but sometimes she finds it challenging and doesn't see any progress with her body. She says when she looks in the mirror at herself all she sees is the fat. Tammie says dieting is not easy. Minnie says she has been looking at some medical procedures such as gastric bypass or liposuction, so she can see results faster. Tammie says that things take time, and having liposuction can be very serious. In the commentary, Minnie says she was hoping her mother would be more supportive. She knows the risks of those procedures but she feels like it's her only option. Minnie tells Tammie that she did her research. Tammie says in order for Minnie to have a bomb body she has to do her research.

Tanya, her boyfriend Devon, her two kids, and her newborn daughter Tahirih are shown at their house. Tanya says Devon is so nurturing towards Tahirih even though he isn't her biological father. Von asks Tanya what is the status with her and Nico. Tanya tells Devohn that she told Nico she doesn't need his help, and taking care of children is a lot of work. She said Nico would be there, but they will see. In the commentary Tanya says she will need to get all the help she can get from Nico and Devohn through those first months with Tahirih. Then he asks her when the girls are coming over to see the baby. Tanya says the only people she's inviting are Sam and Abira. Devohn asks why not the other girls. She says she has known Sam and Abira forever, and sometimes other girls can be over-the-top. Tanya says that she loves Juicy but her comments can be too much sometimes. Monie overreacts to everything, Minnie had her comments before the baby was even born. They squashed everything but they are not best friends up to the point where she wants her to come see her baby. And the twins are just guilty by association. She wants nothing but good energy around the baby. She said she's not quite ready for the ladies see her daughter yet.

Minnie goes to a consultation for liposuction. Sam goes with her for support. Sam asks Minnie if she knows the health risks of liposuction. Minnie and Sam meet Dr. Berhane--the plastic surgeon. Dr.Berhane asks Minnie what her concerns are. Minnie says that her concern is her weight. And it's hindering her from doing every day activities. She says she has been dieting and exercising, but she would lose a little bit of weight.

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Dr. Berhane tells Minnie there are risks such as blood clots, infection, and fluid collection. The more fat there is to remove the more risks there are. Minnie takes off her robe so the doctor can look at her. The doctor marks up where he would have to make incisions if he were to do surgery. Dr. Berhane says that Minnie would have to get a tummy tuck because she would have loose skin from doing liposuction. Then Dr. Berhane asks Minnie if she has any goals. Minnie says that Surgery will kickstart her weight loss and it will encourage her to exercise. The doctor says that Minnie would lose 10 pounds at the most. Sam asks Minnie if she thinks that she wants to do the surgery. Minnie says yes.

Amanda meets with Poochie-- the nail workshop teacher at her nail shop. Amanda will be doing an apprenticeship at Poochie's nail salon, since she did a good job at the nail workshop. Poochie tells Amanda

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that she will not be doing nails but she will start out sweeping the floor and dusting. Amanda sweeps, dusts, and answers phone calls that come into the shop. In the commentary, Amanda says that's not what she was expecting but she's not shocked because some people try to take advantage of little people. Amanda talks to Poochie outside. Amanda tells Poochie that she has a concern, and with being a little person she doesn't want people taking advantage of her. Poochie says that the assignments that she was given has nothing to do with Amanda being a little person---and a person has to do those things if they want to be a nail tech. The shop owner says she's not paying attention to Amanda's height but she saw her potential, that's why she's there with her at the moment. She wants her to be great and tells Amanda that she is going to sweep the floors and do what she has to do because one day she might have her own shop. Then Poochie lets Amanda give someone a manicure on one of their hands. Amanda does a good job. In the commentary Amanda says that hearing Poochie approve her nail technique means everything to her. She was nervous being there without her sister, but it feels good impressing people on her own as Amanda.

Tanya is showing at her house. Sam and Abira arrive to meet Tahirih.  In the commentary Tanya says she invited Sam and Abira over to meet Tahirih. Abira will be in Atlanta for a few more days. She knows she doesn't have to worry about them being crazy around Tahirih. Sam asks Tanya how she's feeling. Tanya says she feels tired. Sam asks her how the birth went. Tanya says when she went into labor she was in the worst pain she's ever felt, and it drove her crazy mentally also. Her blood pressure went up too. She had a C-section and she was more "out of it "then she was with any of her other C-sections. In the commentary, Tanya says that being in labor for three days was the worst pain that she has ever felt in her life. This was something that she hoped and thought that she could handle, but it just turned out to be way too much. Abira asks Tanya if she feels depressed, because with her last pregnancy she had post partum depression. Tanya says after her labor she has been crying a lot. She says she could be in a room full of people but still feel lonely. She says she could have a smile on her face but she really feels like screaming.

Amanda is shown at her apartment with her boyfriend Jordan practicing doing manicures on him. Andrea visits her unexpectedly. Andrea asks how her first day at the nail salon was. Amanda that she had to clean. She says she doesn't mind cleaning but she felt like she wasn't supposed to be doing that, and she didn't want to be taken as a joke, but after she got to practice giving someone a manicure. When she was doing  

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that she realized that she was working for her money. Amanda says it might be hard because she's not used to having a real job but she has to do it, since Andrea is living her own life. She says Amanda wasn't there next to her, and it kind of got to her. She realized she was doing what she was doing by herself. The twins get emotional. Amanda says they are growing up and they are living their own lives. Andrea says she was with her in spirit. Amanda says being at the shop by herself made her sad because she's used to doing things with Andrea. In the commentary Amanda says that she guesses that the Tiny Twinz are officially over. They're taking their first steps on different paths as Amanda and Andrea. Andrea says the Tiny Twinz can always have a reunion but for at the moment, that's the right thing to do. 

Minnie is with Sam at her apartment. Sam says she told Minnie that she was invited to hang out, but after the consultation with the surgeon, she needs to talk to her. She is scared that Minnie is actually going to go through with the surgery. Sam makes small talk with Minnie, then there is a knock on the door. Sam says that she has a special guest. and the guest is Minnie's mother Tammie. Minnie says she feels like she's in an intervention. Sam says they need to talk about something. Tammie asks Minnie if she thought about what she told her at all or if she is going to go through with the surgery. Minnie says she's going to do the surgery. Tammie asks Minnie why can't she exercise, instead of spending money. She says as a little person it's hard to exercise as much as an average size person, and he doesn't understand why it's a big deal. Tammie says Minnie is her only child and asks what if something goes wrong. Tammie says Minnie doesn't get it because she doesn't have any children. Minnie says that Sam and Tammie don't understand. Minnie says every day she goes through a struggle with being big and with her breathing. Minie says she is trying her best . In the

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commentary, Minnie says that Tammie does not understand how hard it is to be an overweight little person, and she doesn't need her and Sam teaming up against her at the moment. She says that Sam is supposed to be her friend and she goes behind her back and betrays her. Minnie proceeds to leave Sam's apartment. Minnie tells Sam and tell me that she confided in both of them about getting a weight-loss procedure and  then she gets told that there will be consequences no matter what she does. Minnie begins to cry. She tells them that they don't understand how hard it is for her to exercise, and walking into a room with people talking about how she's breathing hard and how she's fat, and with a procedure she feels like it could be a good thing for her. Tammie tells Minnie to calm down. Minnie walks towards the door. Sam tells Minnie to just let them talk it out. Minnie tells Sam that she trusted her and felt like she was her only friend. Tammie tells

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Minnie that Sam is her only friend and she's doing what's best for Minnie, and she came to her. Tammie tells Minnie just to let them talk it out. Minnie says Sam and Tammie don't understand how it feels and they are outsiders looking in. Minnie leaves Sam's apartment.  

The ladies go to a restaurant where they will be meeting with Tanya. Amanda asks Minnie why she isn't talking to Sam.  Minnie tells Amanda what happened with her, Sam, and Tammie. In the commentary Sam says she hears Minnie whispering across the table. She can't believe that she's making a big deal out of their situation and all she was trying to do was look out for her health and be a good friend. Juicy and Monie mention how they can't wait to see the baby. Sam says she already saw the baby. The ladies are surprised. Monie mentions how she and Juicy got their shots. Monie asked Sam if she got vaccinated before seeing the baby. Sam says no. In the commentary Monie says that she and Juicy went out of their way and got their shots since Tanya made such a big deal about not having anyone around the baby since her immune system isn't fully developed yet. And she still wasn't invited to see the baby. She thought she and Tanya were better than that. Andrea askes Sam if she was the only one that saw the baby. Sam says Abira also saw the baby. She says that she and Abira were the only ones invited to see the baby because Tanya wanted the situation to be calm and zen. When all of them get together they tend to say and do things. Monie says she can't wait until Tanya gets there because she has a whole bunch of questions to ask her. Sam hopes that Tanya will take the baby to the restaurant with her. Juicy says she wants to see what the baby is mixed with, and see who the baby looks like. She says that there might be three options on who the baby might look like which are Tonya, Nico, or Devon. In the commentary, Juicy says she knows that it's impossible for a child to have two biological fathers, but who knows who the real father is. Nico, Devon, and Tanya are such and intertwined threesome it is anybody's guess. Sam tells everybody to not start anything when Tanya gets to the restaurant, since it is her first time being out after having the baby. Then Monie sarcastically tells Sam that they won't because they will have good energy around her and self-control. Juicy says she's going to be on her best behavior. 

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Tanya arrives to the restaurant. Juicy asks where the baby is. Tanya says she is at home. Juicy says that is a shame and Tanya is trying to get away from baby already.  Tanya says they have been bugging her to get out, so she went to the restaurant. Tanya says they don't understand how hard it is for her to be out at that moment, and she's never been away from any of her children this early in their lives. She said she's only going to be there for like an hour and she's going to go home. Juicy asks when are they going to get to see the baby. Tanya says she doesn't know. Monie asks if they are going to get an invite. Tanya says they can let her know when they want to visit her to see the baby. Monie asks why didn't she invite her to see the baby at first. Tanya said she was in labor for three days and at one moment she didn't know that she was in labor for real. Andrea butts in and says that Sam told them that she didn't want them around because she knows how they can get. Tanya says she knows how they are. Then Juicy asks why would she bring bad energy. Tanya tells Juicy that she can't help but to make a slick comment. Juicy points out how that's not bad energy.     

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Tanya says she did not want to hear any slick comments. Monie says she wouldn't have said anything slick. Tanya says she didn't say that Monie would say anything. She thought Monie was scared. Monie and juicy bring up how they got their shots so they could get ready to see the baby. In the commentary, Tanya says that the ladies talking about who's going to see the baby first it's just ridiculous. All of this fighting is exactly why she didn't want everyone around her baby. Then Juicy asks Tanya who the baby looks like. Tanya says the baby looks like her son Jaidan and her daughter Luna, which means that the baby looks like her. Juicy tells Tanya to show her a picture of the baby. Tanya picks up her phone and shows the ladies a picture of her baby. Sam asks Juicy who the baby looks like to her. Juicy says the baby looks like Devon,     

Nico, and Tanya. Tanya says that means her baby looks like her because all of her kids look like her. Juicy says they have some similarities of their father. Juicy says that Tahirih is mixed with all three. Tanya disagrees. Juicy says that Tanya sit up and tell her that Tahirih is "sprinkled". She brings up how Tanya was pregnant, Nico got on her nerves, she kicked Nico out and the very next day Devon was there. In the commentary Tanya says she cannot believe that Juicy is implying that her daughter could have two fathers, and that doesn't even make any sense. She also says that she has had enough. Tanya says that's exactly why no one has seen her daughter yet. Tanya gets up and leaves the table. Sam gets up and begs Tanya not to leave, and then follows her.    

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