Season 3 Reunion - Part 1


"Season 3 Reunion - Part 1" is the 21st episode of Season 3 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the 46th episode of the series overall.



The reunion is hosted by Terra Jolé. Terra points out how it's nice to see the twins sitting together again, considering how Andrea left town in the season finale. She asks Andrea where she went. Andrea said she went back to Dallas with both of her kids. Some clips from Season 3 are shown. Terra asks Juicy what was it like after Minnie told her she wasn't pregnant. Juicy said she was relieved and Minnie finally told her the truth. Amanda said she doesn't understand how Minnie didn't tell her and her sister the truth before Juicy. Minnie says she wanted to shut Ms.Juicy up since she's always in other people's business. Amanda tells Minnie to be straight up with her and her sister in the future, because they were defending her then making themselves look dumb while doing so. Terra asks Sam why did Minnie's lie affect her so much. Sam says there are so many women in the world that are having trouble getting pregnant, so it kind of hurt her. She knew that it wasn't right for her to bring up some things from the past at Minnie's birthday party, but at the same time, she was going to do what she had to do. Minnie says Tanya was the one who pulled up her mugshot, not Sam. Minnie explains the backstory of her mug shot. She was in her early 20's and she was hanging with the wrong crowd. She says she doesn't want to talk about why she was arrested. She says that the group of girls that she was hanging out with were stealing from the store and she got arrested because she was seen with them.  

Some clips regarding Minnie and her relationship with her mother Tammie are shown. Minnie says that she is finally living on her own. Terra asks Minnie if it was hard for her to move away from her mom. Minnie says yes, because people don't understand that her mom was all she had. Her father wasn't in the picture and it

was just her and her mother. Minnie's mother Tammie joins everyone on stage. Terra asks Tammie what it was like relying on Minnie for a place after Minnie relied on her for 30-something years. Tammie says that payback is a b*tch. She said she tore her meniscus, was out of work for two and a half months, then her landlord came and kicked her out of her place. Terra asks Tammie if she thinks she's overprotective of Minnie. Tammie says she knows she is. When she had Minnie she didn't have any information about little people, and had to do some research on Achondroplasia herself. She had to deal with kids picking on Minnie when she was a kid. And it doesn't stop.

Some clips regarding Ms.Juicy and Minnie's relationship are shown. Terra points out how that when Juicy invited Minnie to meet her mother and sister, they were on good terms. Juicy says that her mom and her sister are sick of her and Minnie going back and forth with each other, and her mom lets her handle her own battles. Minnie says her mother does too. Juicy tells Minnie that she never said her mother didn't. Terra asks Tammie if she thought that Juicy should've been at the housewarming party that she was invited to. Tammie said honestly she didn't care, and she thinks that Juicy perceives her as "The Big Bad Wolf", and going around saying she's a victim like she attacked her. She says she doesn't care what size you are, if you come for her daughter she's coming for you. Tanya says that she thinks that there's a line that should be drawn as a mom. Tammy interrupts Tonya and says that's just Tanya. She says with her kids she would be overprotective, but Juicy didn't touch Minnie, so she didn't feel like anything physical had to be done to Juicy. And she felt like throwing chicken wings was over the top. Terra asks Tanya if she thought Tammie was modeling good behavior as a mother. Tanya says she guesses that's Tammie's character. Tammie claps back and says at least her character is to be with one man and have one child with that man. Tanya says there are a lot of people in this world who have lots of children by different men. Tammie says and a lot of people know how to use protection. Tammie tells Tanya to get tested. Tanya says she did and she's nice and clean. Tanya tells Juicy to remember that Minnie's mother has been only been with one man in her whole life. Minnie tells Tanya to shut the f*** up. Minnie tells Tanya to stay pregnant. Minnie says Tanya gets under her skin so much because she's always talking mess, and because she's pregnant she thinks she can just say anything. Minnie tells Tanya to get her family together. Tanya tells Minnie to get a family before she can criticize anybody else's. MInnie says she has a family. Tammie tells Tonya to keep it going. Tanya said she's going to keep going, and she's not afraid of anybody. Minnie tells Tanya she'll catch her in three more months,and that's not a threat-- it's a promise.

Terra asks Monie about how she feels about the feud of the four of them. She says that she doesn't like it. They all go through the same thing, and they need to be coming together. Terra asks Juicy if she thought it was appropriate for Minnie to crash her birthday party. Juicy said she gave Minnie a chance to leave on her own, then she had security escort her out. Minnie says that she made a grand entrance and a grand exit. She talks about how Juicy's dress that she wore at her birthday was homemade, and since it was her birthday she should've had something more extravagant. Juicy says that's Minnie's opinion. Minnie says her grandmother could've sewn a better dress than the one that Juicy was wearing. Juicy says maybe she could do that for her. Minnie tells juicy to shut the f*** up. Tammie gets riled up because Juicy is talking about her mother now. She tells Juicy not to talk to her mother. Juicy says she's not talking about anybody's mother. Tammy tails Juicy to shut the f*** up. Minnie says that with one fart, Juicy's dress could be blown off (considering how tight it is.) Tammie asks if anybody has any chicken wings. Juicy then pulls a bedazzled keg out of her bust, and drinks out of it. Terra asks Tammie if she feels like she owes anyone on the stage an apology. Tammie says no. She says she's never going to apologize to Juicy. Juicy says she doesn't have to. Tammie says she keeps hearing things about her behind the camera. But she's there, woman to woman,

face-to-face, and she wants to know what Juicy has to say about her, and she's giving her the floor. She tells Juicy whatever she has to say about her, she should say it to her face. Juicy says she's not scared of anybody, and doesn't need anybody's approval to do anything. She then reaches over and picks up a bobble head of herself that she had made and she presses the button. The bobblehead says, "Respect me I will respect you." Minnie says that was a joke. Tammie says that's why Juicy has a face for radio. Tammie proceeds to leave the stage.

Next, some scenes regarding Monie and Morlin's relationship are shown. Monie says that she did not pawn her engagement ring, she just lost it. Terra asks where Monie gets her Money from. Monie says that she is currently spending Morlin's money. She says that if she was in Morlin's position, and heard that the ring that he spent his hard earned money on is lost, she would've been mad too. Terra asks the twins about what they thought of Monie's interaction with her friend Greg. They say they wouldn't have talked to Greg the same way. Andrea says she thinks that Monie was being inappropriate with the way he was touching him. Tanya says Monie was trying to speak over the music of the party. Terra asks Minnie why she felt it was necessary to take pictures of Monie. Minnie says she did that so she could show Monie what she did when she sobered up, and felt like she was being inappropriate. Monie says that's her friend and Greg is cool with her and Morlin. Terra asks Monie if at one point, she was scared that Morlin will leave her forever. Monie says when she lost the ring yee, because Morlin ceased communicating with her. But when they get married, they will communicate with each other. 

Some clips regarding Tanya and Sam's friendship regarding Nico are shown. Sam says that she felt like Nico was in town to visit Tanya, and his son wasn't in town when he visited. Tanya says that what really happened was, Nico was looking to move to Atlanta to be around his son--so he says. Terra asks Tanya when Sam walked out on her, did she feel abandoned. Tanya says she did. She begins to get emotional. She thought Sam would stay. Sam says that she should've stayed, and she apologizes. Tanya tells Sam that it's okay, and at the end of the day Sam should do what's best for her. Tanya says what she was afraid of (which was Nico leaving) actually came true. Nico joins everyone on stage. Sam sits on the other side of the room. Tanya says that she doesn't have anything to say to Nico. Terra asks Nico how he feels about Tanya not having anything to say to her. Michael says that Tonya plays games. He hasn't done anything wrong in the whole scenario. And he doesn't like. Most of the ladies on stage don't really know her. And there's a lot that Tanya wants to say to him that she won't say. He says that people want to play the victim and act like "big bad Nico" just came to Atlanta, slept with Tanya, got her pregnant, and bounced is not the story. Sam butts in and says that she heard him and Tonya's conversations, and he said how bad he wanted to be with her. She says that Nico got Tonya pregnant, and then booted. Then Tanya cried to her because Nico didn't want a relationship with

her. Tonya says Nico was inconsistently in their child's life, and he got mad when she expressed that. Nico said he originally had been making more consistent visits with his son ever since told you She broke up with Devon. Tonya asks how consistent were they. Nico grunts "Don't play me!". Sam tells Nico he should've been with her if he wanted to. Nico tells Sam it's not about her. Nico gets dramatic and tells Tanya that he's always been her best friend and looked out for her since day one. Tanya says that's not relevant at all. Nico tells Tanya not to go there before he starts saying stuff that he doesn't want to say. Tanya asks Nico if Devon being in his son's life affects him. Nico says it doesn't, because they have a unique situation.

Devon joins everybody on stage. Terra asks Devon what his relationship with Tanya is at the moment. Devon says they're just co-parenting, and he'd be comfortable with Tanya dating other men since they're not in a relationship. Terra asks Devon if he still loves Tanya. Devon says he does. Some clips regarding Tanya and Nico's relationship is shown. Terra asks Nicole if he thinks that Tanya misrepresents him and his relationship with his children. Nico says yes, 100%. He says that when their son Jaidan was born he wasn't there all the time like he should've have been because of some certain factors that he doesn't want to discuss. He says that he did make an effort, and that's all he's trying to get across. Devon tells Nico to say what he has to say and to keep it 100. Nico said when Tanya told him that Devon was moving to Atlanta after she got pregnant, and he had a conversation about how he wanted to get back with her and how Tanya wanted to get an abortion, and if Nico wasn't going to raise their new child, Devon would step in and raise the child too. Then he tells Tanya that she has Devon on reserve from New York. Tanya says she did not have Devon on reserve. Nico says Tanya did tell him that to reserve the circumstances. Terra asks Devon if he thinks that Tonya manipulates circumstances to benefit herself. Devon says Tonya would have a way with words, and sometimes he felt like he was kept on the sidelines. Terra asks Devon if he asked Tanya to have an abortion when he found out she was pregnant with Nico's baby. Devon said not necessarily, but he told her if she feels like she should then go ahead. Devohn says that you shouldn't have to take the father role for Tanya's third child after she is born if Nico is going to be there. Tanya says that her how do you situation is for Nico to be a father to their kids. And nothing else matters but him stepping up as a father and being there. She says when Nico leaves their son Jaidan, he doesn't know when Nico is coming back and she has to deal with Jaidan's emotions. Tanya tells Nico that he can see his son and daughter whenever he wants. She tells him to keep it consistent as a father and see his son more than every blue moon. She also tells Nico to put their son before himself. Nico tells Tanya to put their son before herself. Tanya says she does. Then Devon and Nico leave the stage.

Next, the focus is put on the twins regarding their career change from twerking to hosting gigs. They showed a clip of the first hosting gig, and the show footage of Tanya's friend Abira not supporting them at the club, and she and the twins arguing with each other in the parking lot. Amanda says watching that clip made her mad because her sister had the nerve to invite her to the gig, and Abira was pulling them because they weren't twerking. She told him that they were hosting the club and it was their first time hosting. Abira joins the cast on stage. Terra asks Abira at if she was disappointed in the twins' hosting that evening. Abira says she was disappointed about how the twins went about hosting. She says if they got the crowd's attention a little bit more it would've gone better for them. Amanda tells Abira that it was their first gig and she didn't know how to talk in front of a crowd. Abira says if she doesn't know how to talk in front of a crowd she shouldn't be hosting. Terra asks Abira why she was heckling the twins. Abira says she wasn't necessarily heckling them, but she was in her own mood and wasn't getting the other girls involved in making faces etc. Amanda tells Abira that her sister was nice enough to invite her to their gig and they didn't even know who she was. She says on the clip she saw that a beer said she couldn't understand what she and her sister were saying, and she does have speech problems. Abira says Amanda was in her face,  and she asks what's wrong with expressing her opinion. Andrea doesn't understand why Abira brought up how the twins have small fingers when all little people have small fingers. Abira says she didn't say she didn't have small fingers, she just said it because she thought it would be something funny to say. Then Amanda asks why Abira brought up her boyfriend Jordan during the argument considering how he had nothing to do with it. Abira says she said that because the twins were asking her where her baby daddy was, and if they ask where her baby daddy is, she's going to bring up theirs, how Andrea's is missing and how Amanda's doesn't want to marry her. Start going back-and-forth. Abira says she's not going to chase her baby daddy while he's chasing other women. Abira says she thinks that Andrea chases Chris like a dog chases a cat. Andrea says she doesn't care, and she says that a beer I have three baby daddies and she's promiscuous. I'll be retails the twins that they I need a check on confidence and they roar like lions but they're like kids at heart. Minnie tells Abira "dude shut up". She tells her to get some TicTac's because the last time Abira was talking her eyebrows almost melted away. Abira says she should've melted Minnie's lips together so she could shut up. Minnie says she catches flights, and calls Abira a section 8 b****. Abira says she doesn't get section 8 but her mother does. Minnie asks Abira does she realize that she looks like a man and looks like Wanda from "In Living Color". Terra asks Minnie why is she angry with Abira. Minnie says because Abira is fake. Abira asks Minnie if she's intimidated by her. Minnie says Abira is a man and why would she be intimidated. Abira says maybe Minnie is scared to get her behind whooped. Abira says she wants Minnie to touch her. Abira gets up and starts to go near Minnie. One of the twins stands up and asks Abira what's she going to do. Abira says the twins  are a couple of little Chihuahuas. Minnie throws some dollars at Abira and tells her to get a new

outfit. Monie pics up the dollars from the floor. The two get closer, and they start fighting, but they get separated. Sam tries to hold Minnie back. While being held back, Minnie throws one of the centerpieces from on set at Abira. To be continued.
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