"Rumor Has It" is the first episode of Season 4 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the 53rd episode of the series overall.


After Monie has had her happily ever after, Juicy reveals some undesirable info about her husband Morlin which threatens to end Monie's marriage to him. After returning to Atlanta, Andrea struggles to find balance between her sisterhood with Amanda and her relationship with Chris.


Minnie, Monie, Sam, and Juicy go to a water park. Monie asks the ladies if any of them have talked to Tanya. Sam says Tanya is ready to pop and they need to plan her baby shower because she is due at any moment. The ladies have fun and go down a water slide. Then, Monie and Juicy hold a conversation. Juicy asks Monie how she and her new husband Morlin are doing. Monie says they are doing well, and Morlin has gone back to work. Juicy says she felt the need to ask Juicy if everything was okay with her marriage after what happened between Morlin and his friend Robert. Back last season on one of the "Monie Gets Married" episodes, Morlin and Robert get into an argument, and Robert says to Monie, "If you knew half of what I knew about that sucka, you won't be marrying him." Juicy asks Monie if she thought twice about what Robert said. Monie says that it's in the back of her mind. Juicy says she wants to know what Robert was talking about because she wants to look out for her girl. Monie says she wants to know but she knows the only thing she can do is talk to Morlin about it. In the commentary, Monie says she has been trying to let go of what Robert said but she can't. It's eating her up a bit but she definitely needs to talk to Morlin about it, but it's a sensitive topic. Money tells Juicy that she hopes that when she talks to Morlin about it he isn't nonchalant about it. In the commentary, Juicy says that she didn't mean to stir up any mess but she felt like Monie needed to know. Talking to Morlin is great, but she feels like someone needs to talk to the source to really know the truth behind what was said.

Andrea is shown moving into her new house with Chris and her daughter Aubrey.  In the commentary, Andrea says that the couples retreat in Puerto Rico was really good to Chris and her, and they're in a better place. After moving back to Atlanta their relationship has never been stronger. Then Minnie surprises Andrea at her house. Minnie greets Andrea and her goddaughter Aubrey. Then she asks Andrea how Puerto Rico was. Andrea says it was fun, but she and Chris had to work some things out though. They've been doing well so far and she hopes that they stay that way now that they've moved into a new place. Andrea says she can tell that Chris really wants things to work out between them. In the commentary, Minnie says that wasn't the first time she heard those words come from Andrea. She really loves how the trip in Puerto Rico really had an effect on Chris. Minnie asks Andrea what her sister Amanda thinks of her new place. Andrea says that Amanda hasn't been to the new place yet. Andrea said she wants to get settled in before her sister sees the place. But they are cool with each other. In the commentary Andrea says she and Chris are trying to set boundaries with Amanda. They have a double date set up with Jordan and Amanda, and it'll be the first time that they see each other since she moved back to Atlanta.

A very pregnant Tanya is shown at her house. Sam is visiting her. Tanya mentions how her pelvis has been hurting, and her inflammation drink is the only thing that helps with the pain. She mentions how Devon gets on her head about not drinking her tea. Then Sam asks Tanya how things are going between her and Devon. Tanya says that she and Von have been talking more and getting along. Sam asks if there is a possibility of them being more than friends some point. Tonya says that she and Devon are together.  In the commentary, Tonya says that Devon moved in to help with her kids, and they have rekindled their relationship. Nico is still in the picture because of her son Jaidan and the new baby, and she's really happy with the way things are and she hopes that they work out. Sam asks Tanya if she knows how Nico has been doing. Tanya says that when she talks to Nico she keeps things very short. He visits her son once a week or once every two weeks. Then Tanya gets a visit from her midwife. The midwife asks Tanya why she wants to do a homebirth. Tonya says she wants to deliver her baby in water. The midwife says with most of the research that she has done, they don't really talk about natural birth being done by a little woman, and it's an automatic C-section. Tonya says even if the natural birth doesn't work she'll be fine with doing a C-section so she'll know if she's able to do a natural birth or not and she got to try it. The midwife tells Tanya that she is not against the hospital and if Tanya needs to go she will go. The midwife then mensions some reasons why Tanya might have to be transferred to the hospital while she's in labor such as a uterine rupture, or excessive bleeding. Tanya tells the midwife that she has been having a lot of pain. The midwife askes her if the pain comes and goes. Tanya says it's constant. But she may need to do some modified bedrest and if she keeps on doing extra activities that will put her in early labor she won't be able to do a home birth. In the commentary, Sam says since Tanya has to be on bed rest, she and Juicy won't be able to pull off the surprise baby shower...And they need to come up with another plan.

Amanda and Minnie go exercising together. Then they go to a juice bar. Amanda mentions how she and Jordan went on their couples retreat in Puerto Rico and it really helped with their relationship. Minnie says that she visited Andrea at her new house. Amanda is surprised. Minnie says that Andrea didn't invite her and she didn't pop up. Amanda is relieved and says she would've had a problem if she wasn't invited to her sister's house. Amanda asks Minnie how did she find out Andrea's address. Minnie says that her ears are on the street so she knows were people stay. In the commentary, Minnie says she hopes she didn't start anything between the twins.

Monie and Morlin take a pottery class, which was a wedding gift from Sam. In the commentary Monie says that she's been thinking a lot about what Morlin does while he's out on the road, and doing things as a couple could really open up the lines of communication. AfterJjuicy started asking questions about what Robert said at the wedding rehearsal, It got her thinking about what Robert was implying and if she needs to worry about Morlin. Monie asks Morlin what did Robert mean by what he said and if there's anything she needs to know. Morlin says when Robert said that, he didn't know what he was talking about, but he knows why he said it. Monie asks Morlinif there's anything that she needs to worry about. Morlin says outside of what Robert said and with them just talking--no. There's nothing for her to worry about. Monie says Morlin is making her nervous and making her feel like there is something that she needs to worry about. Morlin says says what Monie is saying is stupid. He says it's his marriage, and his jealous best friend who was going to be his best man at the wedding showed up, and he made one out blast, and he himself doesn't even know what he's talking about. Money asks if there's anything that she needs to worry about. She says that Morlin keeps on moving away from the question. Morlin asks what the question is. Monie asks the question again. Morlin doesn't look Monie in the eye and tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it and he doesn't deal with Robert anymore,  and asks Monie why is she bringing up his name. In the commentary, Monie says  the way Morlin is acting is making her feel like he's hiding something and she's worried. Monie tells Morlin if any of the things that Robert said were true she will give Morlin the "S&S", which means that he will be single and she's going to snap. Morlin says Monie doesn't want to see him snap and asks her if she's threatening him. 

Amanda is shown at her apartment with her boyfriend Jordan and her two dogs. She says that she and Jordan had a great time in Puerto Rico now they're trying to put what they learned into effect. She mentions how Minnie went to see Andrea at her new house before she got to see the house. In the commentary, Amanda says that she feels like Minnie was lying to her about how she found out Andrea's address. Jordan says that Amanda needs to talk to her sister. Amanda says she wants to give Andrea her space and not be in the middle of her relationship how she was in the beginning. She was just trying to protect Andrea from getting hurt. She says it looks like she and Chris are doing well at the moment, but that could change. Jordan brings up how he and Amanda will be going on a double date with Andrea and Chris. Amanda says that the double date will be awkward and she's nervous.

Juicy, Sam and Andrea pick out decorations for Tanya's baby shower. Sam mentions how lately Tanya hasn't been feeling well with her pregnancy, and has to be on bed rest and can't get up. Sam says instead of having the baby shower at a restaurant, they should have it in Tanya's backyard. Juicy then brings up the tea about Monie, Morlin, and Robert. Juicy says that she called Robert, and Robert said that....Morlin has been cheating on Monie out on the road. Juicy says she hasn't told Monie yet. Amanda asks who Morlin was cheating with. Juicy says he was cheating with random women at truck stops. Sam asks Juicy if what Robert said was even true. Juicy says she doesn't know if Robert was saying it just to say it, but he said it. Sam says Juicy should tell Monie that she has something to tell her and she doesn't know if it's true or not. In the commentary, Juicy says that she knows she's the one who wanted to know what Robert meant by what he said at the wedding rehearsals, but those are some serious allegations that she should not keep from Monie. Amanda says that Juicy needs to tell Monie the truth. Sam says that Monie will be devastated to find out and then find out that Juicy knew and didn't tell her and she should get it out of the way.

Amanda and Jordan go on a double date with Andrea and Chris. Andrea and Chris walk into the building and the twins hug each other since they haven't seen each other in three weeks. The activity that they will be doing is taking a salsa dancing class. After the class is over, the two couples sit down. Amanda asks Andrea how things are going with her and Chris after going to go to Puerto Rico. Andrea says things are going well. Amanda says that she feels like she and her sister aren't close with their relationship. Amanda asks Andrea why she invited Minnie over to her house. Andrea said she didn't invite her over and Minnie just popped up at her house. Amanda mentions how she and Jordan had a talk and she agreed to give Andrea her space. Andrea says that she appreciates how her sister is giving her space and she sees how she has calmed down. Amanda says if Andrea being with Chris makes her happy, then she's happy. In the commentary, Amanda says that she knows it's important for Andrea to make her relationship work, but she's going to put her feelings aside and support her even if it means that she can't pop up at her house whenever she wants. 

It is the day of Tanya's baby shower. The ladies, Jordan, and Chris sneak into Tanya's backyard where the party will be held. Sam goes in to Tanya's house and stalls her. Meanwhile, everyone decorates the backyard. Sam tells Tanya that there is a deer outside, and gets her to go into the backyard to see it. Tanya and Sam walk into the backyard, and is surprised to see everyone there at her party. Tanya opens some presents for


the baby. Then Morlin arrives to the party. Juicy pulls Monie aside to talk. She tells her that she called Robert and he said that Morlin was cheating on Monie while he was on the road (but she doesn't know if there's any truth to what he said). In the commentary, Monie says she cannot believe what she is hearing. Robert made it sound like that's was what he was saying at the wedding rehearsal, but now he's straight up accusing Morlin of cheating and she needs to get to the bottom of things. She needs the truth. Juicy tells Monie to be calm whenever she talks to Morlin about the drama, and don't do it around the group. They are now married and they need to keep it between them. Then Monie pulls Morlin aside and confronts him. She says that Morlin was bragging about being with other women on the road, and asks Morlin if there's anything that she needs to know. Morlin asks Monie why is Juicy calling Robert. Money says that Morlin is worried about the wrong thing and she asks him what does she need to know. Morlin tells Monie that she needs to calm down. The two talk at the same time. Monie says she's not about to be that chick that stays around if that's how Morlin is getting down. Morlin says everything that Monie is talking about happened before they got married. Monie asks Morlin what is he trying to say, and if he is saying that something did happen. Monie asks Morlin the main question: Did he cheat on her when he was on the road? To be continued.

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