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"Poppin Bottles" is a single performed by Little Women: Dallas cast members Rightcheek (Emily Fernandez) featuring Leftcheek (Bri Barlup).



We up in the club

Poppin bottles like what

Yeah, we don't give a fuck

Why these lames lookin rough

I stay so fresh

Ain't nothing but the best

I'm in my own lane

Shit I run this game

(Verse 1)

(Right Cheek)

Left cheek and Right Cheek,

you know that we do this, 

We got the crowd moving,

 yo boyfriend he choosin,

 yo main hoe she loosin,

 We grinding, we on top,

 Left Cheek Right Cheek, wop, then make it drop. 

Almost to the top, no we ain't finna stop

 Grind seven days a week

 Ya, the cheeks be on fleek

 Posted up in V.I.P. with my squad gettin’ geeked. 

Hottest midgets in the game, you gon 'member our name


(Verse 2)

(Left Cheek)

Right Cheek and Left Cheek,

watch us, make us drop,

watch us get the crowd jumpin when we pull up to the spot. Like, woah. Who that?

 Girl I thought chu knew that. 

That's Right Cheek and Left Cheek

 Boy you shoulda knew that. 

I shake my ass, from slow to fast, 

no white girl shit, no local trash. 

Best believe me when you see me, 

got my bitch with me, that's my other half. 

Left Cheek and Right Cheek, 

we poppin bottles,

 spendin all the cash. 

Yo bitch finna leave with me…

Cause she fell in love with The Cheeks.


Shit, I run this game