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Phebe Greene is the youngest daugther of Little Women: Atlanta cast member Abira Greene.


Phebe Greene was born on August 20, 2012. Her mother is Abira Greene, and her father is Anthony Hall. Phebe has Achondroplasia dwarfism like her mother, and is the only little person other than her mother in her immediate family.

She has three siblings--an older sister named Terbira, an older brother named Jazsper, and a younger brother named J-Henri.

Behind The Scenes

Phebe enjoys dancing and has taken ballet classes in the past. She has her own Instagram page and a YouTube channel where videos of her singing and dancing are uploaded.

She was featured in her first music video for Zuri Nicole’s song “Hype Me Up Sis”, in 2021.

Phebe with her mother and siblings at her 8th birthday party.