Mica LeVar "Pastor" Troy guest-starred in two episodes of Little Women: Atlanta.


Pastor Troy first appeared on Little Women: Atlanta on the Season 1 episode titled, "Reunion". LWATL cast member Minnie Ross claimed that she dated Pastor Troy for eight months, and got pregnant by him. In season 1, Minnie admits that Pastor Troy was never her boyfriend. In the Season 1 Reunion, Troy says that there is no way that he could be the father of Minnie's unborn child, and they'd have to do a DNA test. On the Season 2 episode titled,"Beach Bound", Minnie tells Pastor Troy that she had a miscarriage. After she tells Troy, he suggests that they "try" again for another child.

In season 3, Minnie revealed that she was never pregnant.

Troy was mentioned again during Season 4 of Little Women: Atlanta.

He made an appearance on Season 5 of Little women: Atlanta, where he collaborates with Minnie for his podcast.

Behind the Scenes

Troy is an Atlanta-based rapper. In 2002, he released an album called, "Universal Soldier". It hit #13 on the billboard charts, and was popular in the South. In 2017, he released another album titled, "O.G.P.T.". He has appeared on the song "Throw It Up" with Lil Jon.

The rapper never dated Minnie Ross---The lie was made up to add extra drama to the show, and so Troy could get his name out for his rap career.

Pastor Troy is the father of three children.

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