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"Not So Little Surprises" is the 14th episode of Season 3 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the 39th episode of the series.



The episode begins with Andrea, Amanda and Minnie going to a restaurant to meet their manager, Gail. She arrives, and asks Minnie how the twins did at their first gig. Gail says that since it's their event, they should yell and get the crowd going. Minnie says that they did well, but Amanda needs to learn to speak into the microphone. Amanda says she was nervous because it was her first time speaking to a crowd. Gail says they can always work on that. Then Gail brings up the verbal altercation between the twins and Abira. She says that she thought that she was at some street brawl in Philly. Amanda said she felt like Abira stole their spotlight, and if someone snaps of her she's going to go off on them. The manager says that the twins are her concern, and their behavior can affect their career, money to take care of their families, and their kids. She says that everybody has feelings and tempers, and they need to control them in certain situations. The potential they have is phenomenal and she doesn't want to see the twins ruin it. Amanda says she feels bad about how she and her sister let their anger get the best of them. Gail says that the twins can always come to her if they have a problem. Amanda says she's sorry that happened.

Tanya is shown at her house. Monie comes to her house to visit her. Tanya says she's in her second trimester, and lately she's been focusing on her health. Monie tells Tanya what happened at the party and the verbal altercation between Abira and the twins. Tanya says that she's glad she missed the fight. Tanya mentions how she wants to have a gender reveal party but she doesn't want any drama.  Monie says that She's going to throw reveal party for Tanya. Tanya says that her mom Alice will be coming to the party. Tanya said Devon is thinking about moving to Atlanta so the kids don't have to keep going back and forth to Tanya's place to Devon's place. Tanya says after Nico left she realized that having 2 kids and 1 on the way, she's going to need some help. Devon offered to move in with her to help with the kids and she thinks he's going to take him up on that offer. Nico says that he wants to be involved with the baby. Then Monie asks if that means that Tanya and Nico will be getting back together. Tanya says no and she says that everything romantically between them is over. Tanya says that she's going to let him be there for his kids. Tanya says Nico is still living in Atlanta, and he still wants to be part of the baby's life, and she's going to let him step up and be a father and not just the baby's dad. Monie says that with the birth of a new baby, Nico is getting a second chance, Nico is can't say that Tanya never gave him an opportunity. Tanya says they'll see what Nico does this time around.

Abira, Sam, and Miss Juicy go shopping. Juicy invited Abira out as an excuse to convince her to apologize to the twins before she leaves town. Abira asks Juicy why the twins acted the way they did. Juicy says that Abira could've intimidated the twins a little bit because it was their first time being in front of a crowd, and

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they were nervous because it was their first gig. Juicy says that the twins don't want anybody stepping on their territory, and they thought that was stealing their shine. Abira says she's used to dancing in front of the crowds. In the commentary, Sam says she wishes Abira would take responsibility for her part in the fight with the twins. Abira says she was just dancing. In the commentary, Juicy says Abira is playing dumb and she knows that she loves the attention. Abira says that she wants to be friends with the twins and she's not there to compete with anyone but they need to understand that she's proud of who she is. Sam says that the twins are sweet girls but they just need an opportunity to show her that they're sweet. Juicy says that when Abira has a talk with the twins, don't tell them that she's being the bigger person because they will think that she's coming for them.

The twins, Sam and Minnie go out for frozen custard. Aubrey comes along too. Sam said that she talked to Abira and she said she's willing to meet up with the twins to talk about what happened. Andrea says that she and Amanda are not going to apologize. Sam says that they don't have to apologize, and all that matters is that they show up. Minnie says that it's best for the twins to hear Abira out  because they're going to be at the gender reveal party together. In the commentary and Amanda says that maybe it's best that they apologize, and they need to end the beef before it gets any worse. Sam says that she'll be in the middle of them when they meet with Abira.

In the next scene Tanya goes to the doctor with Nico. In the commentary, Tanya says that Nico reached out to her recently. She doesn't know where the relationship is going, but she thinks maybe he'll be around this time. She also hasn't told him about the gender reveal party.  Before Tanya gets her ultrasound, she tells the ultrasound technician not to tell her the gender of the baby. Tonya says that seeing their baby on the screen is surreal and she feels optimistic that things will work out.

Tanya tells Nico that Devon will be moving in with her so that her kids won't have to be separated. Nico doesn't look happy upon her saying that. Nico says but he's not excited about Devon moving in. And he's not okay with that. In the commentary, Tanya says that Nico bails out at the idea of having a family, but gets upset with her when she says that Devon is stepping in, and it sounds like Nico's ego is bruised if you ask her.

The twins go to a restaurant to meet up with Sam and Abira talk things out. In the commentary, Andrea says that they don't want to see Abira again. Amanda says that when Abira started talking smack that set her off and she didn't mean to get in her face. And she's not going to apologize...Abira is.

Sam and Abira arrive to the restaurant. They all sit at the table with an awkward silence for minute. Then Abira says that the other night they had a misunderstanding and she didn't want them to feel like that she was stepping on their shoes or trying to upstage them, and she was trying to break the ice and have a good time, and when they got outside things got a little turnt. Amanda says that she was trying not to twerk at the gig because her manager was there and she wants her and her sister to do better things for their brand. Abira says she understands and Then she apologizes to the twins and tells them that she would never want to hurt their feelings. Amanda apologizes to Abira and says she was mad at that moment. Amanda says she's glad they worked things out.

Juicy meets up with Nico at a restaurant. Nico says he wanted to talk to just about everything that's been going on.  He says that he and Tanya said that they met a long time ago and they had feelings between each other. Nico says that he was like the best friend to her and Tonya would go and be with the bad guys. He


says Tanya wouldn't officially date him until he came out as bisexual. And Tanya knew that he was bi from day one. Nico says that he's not the type of person to keep secrets. Nico says that he loves Tanya and she loves him. In the commentary, Juicy says that they have too many moving parts in their relationship-- no wonder they can't get it together. Nico says that when he found out that Tanya was pregnant  he moved to Atlanta, but things got messy and he and Tanya ended up parting ways. Nico says when he moved to Atlanta he and Tanya fell into a sexual and emotional situation and things got really confusing, and he decided that they should take a step back. And that caused Tanya to tell him if he didn't want to be in a relationship with her they couldn't live together because it was too hard for her emotionally then he can leave, and the quicker he can leave the better. So he left. Juicy says that what Nico told her makes more sense and that's not what Tanya told her.


Juicy wishes that Tanya was more clear with the ladies. Nico talks about how Tanya dropped a bombshell on him when she told him that Devon is moving in with her. Nico then begins to cry a little. In the commentary, Juicy says that she feels sorry for Nico, and she can tell that he's a good guy, but he and Tanya really need to work out their issues. Juicy tells Nico that he and Tanya need to talk for the sake of their children.

The twins and Minnie look for presents for Tanya's gender reveal party. Amanda tells Minnie that they went to dinner with Sam and Abira, and Sam wanted them to squash the beef before Tanya's party. She also says that Abira apologized and said that she didn't mean to steal their spotlight at the party and she was just trying to have a good time. Minnie asks Amanda if she believes Abira's apology. Andrea says that she thinks that Abira didn't really mean her apology. In the commentary Amanda says she still doesn't trust Abira and she hopes that Abira doesn't start anything at the party.

Tanya goes to a restaurant to talk to Nico. Nico looks sad, so Tanya asks him what's wrong.  Nico says he has a hard time trusting her because he doesn't like hearing about how he "chose not to be there for his son" but that's not the full reality.  he also doesn't like hearing how he left because he wasn't ready to be a father. Nico says that she needs just to give him some time because he's coming from a totally different state. Nico tells Tanya that she hurt him a lot and it's hard for him to be there for her when she's continuing to do more things that hurt him including talking about him in a way that's not true. Nico says that Tanya is telling her friends all kinds of lies about how he left when in reality she asked him to leave.  Nico says that he loves Tanya in and out, and he came down to Atlanta to be a full-time father and help with two kids, including one that isn't his.  In the commentary Tanya said she gave Nico a chance to be there for her and the kids and he totally blew it. Tanya says that her raising three kids on her own is not an option and she can't depend on Nico's flakiness, so Nico just has to get over it. Nico tells Tanya that she doesn't like the facts and he's telling the truth. Nico says that Tanya is telling her friends that he left but in reality She told him to leave, and she's playing him out like he's an evil guy. Tanya says she told her friends that she told him to leave. She has no idea where he got that information from, and she's sick of him always turning the info around on her, and Nico made it seem like being a full-time father was too much for him. Nico says that he's done, and now Tonya is moving Devon into her house, and she's predictable. Then Tanya gets up and leaves.

Tanya goes shopping with her mother, Alice.  She says her mother is in town for the gender reveal party. She tells her mother that Nico is coming to the party. Alice asks how things are going so far between her and Nico. She says she recently spoke to Nico and Nico wants to be there and she's going to be let him be at the party. Tanya says Nico hasn't apologized since the last time they talked, but she still reached out to him and invited him to the gender reveal party. Alice asks if he's talked about his intentions are when it comes to being present for the baby. Tanya says no, and he's going to try to see Jaidan once a week, and see the baby as much as he can. Tonya says that she asked Nico if he's looking for a job, and she says that makes Nico feel like she's telling him not to do his music, and if it's not that, it takes money to raise kids. Tanya says if he's going to help make babies he needs to help raise them. Alice says that he's going to have to make choices. Tanya says that the only thing she wants from Nico at the moment is for him to be a present and consistent father.

It's the night of the gender reveal party. All the ladies, Andrea's daughter Aubrey, Abira, Tanya's kids (Jaidan


and Luna), and Tanya's mother Alice are at the party. Monie asks if anyone knows if Nico is coming. Sam says that if he does come it's going to be a surprise to her. Then Nico enters the party. Everyone sits in silence and Nico and Tanya have an awkward conversation. Then everybody sits down at the table to eat. Tanya thanks Monie for coming to the party. Tanya leaves the table for to go to the bathroom and there is just tension and awkwardness at the party. Then Tanya's mother asks Nico if he has anything to say about


moving forward and being there for the children. Nico says that it's hard but he's going to be there. And they can talk about it later. Tanya returns to the table. After that, everyone goes into the living room for the gender reveal. Tanya puts a bath bomb into a clear glass bowl. The color of the water after the bath bomb fully dissolves will determine the gender of the baby The water turns white at first. Then the water turns light pink, which means that Tanya will be having a baby girl. In the commentary, Tanya says she is so excited to be having another daughter, but it's all bittersweet because of her situation with Nico, and she wishes their relationship was a little less dysfunctional.

Tanya thanks everybody for coming to the party, and all of the ladies leave. Then Nico and Tanya's mother have a talk outside on the porch. Tanya's mom asks Nico what are his intentions. Nico says that he's been there emotionally and spiritually for his son. Alice says he was there and then he wasn't, and that's his choice. She says that the children need consistency and they're confused. and if he wants to be part of the kids life he needs to be there. Nico says He's been there and that's enough. then Alice says that Nico needs to step up. Nico says Tanya needs to allow it. Alice says that Tanya has already doing the work Nico says he's been there from day one and he's been there for Tanya since day one and he's still there, and if Tanya is willing to allow it, he's there.

In the commentary, Tanya says Nico is making it sound like she's keeping him away from the kids, and it's not true.

Alice says that Nico has been "gone with the wind". She loves him but he wasn't there for birthdays and bills being paid, and he has not been a contributing factor. Nico says that he's been a contributing factor and if what he's doing is not good enough for Alice, he apologizes, and he's been doing the best that he can and always has been. Tanya comes outside and tells Niko to calm down. Then she tells her mother to go into the house with her. Alice tells Nico if he loves the children he should show up for them as much as he does Tanya. Alice says she loves Nico and everyone there, but she loves Tanya first, and she's going to say how she feels. Then Tanya and Alice go into the house.