Lila Call is a main cast member on Little Women: NY.


Lila Call was born on November 15, 1978.

When she was in college, Call studied French. She has worked at CUS pharmacy as a film developer.

Before she was on Little Women: NY, she worked for The Hartford Advocate and The Hartford Courant. She has also appeared on Little Women: LA.

Behind the Scenes

Lila dated Joe Gnoffo (Terra Jolé's husband) before he got married.

Call is friends with Little Women: LA cast member Christy McGinity Gibel.

At one point in her life, Call suffered from alcohol addiction. She became sober in 2013 and was sober for at least a year, but at one point after that year (spring 2017 at the latest) she consumed alcohol again.

Lila has been in a relationship with a woman since February 14, 2018.