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Jordan Castillo is the husband of Little Women: Atlanta cast member Amanda Salinas. He first appeared on the show on Season 1.


Jordan met Amanda at a club, and it was love at first sight.

In the series premiere of Little Women: Atlanta, Jordan moves into a house with Amanda, her sister Andrea, and Andrea's boyfriend Chris. In the Season 1 finale, Jordan and Amanda move into their own apartment.

Jordan treats his girlfriend Amanda with respect, loves her for who she is, and has a good heart in general. He sometimes finds himself in the middle of his girlfriend and her sister's problems--since Amanda is always there for her sister when she needs her. He has even occasionally helped take care of Amanda's niece, Aubrey when her father (Chris) was M.I.A. In the Season 2 Reunion, Jordan admitted to Chris that he felt like a second father while helping out with Aubrey.

In a Season 2 episode, Jordan gets emotional when he mentions how he's tired of little people getting picked on.

Amanda and Jordan.

While on one of the" Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat" episodes, he calls out Matt Grundhoffer (Briana Renee's husband at the time), for talking to Briana disrespectfully.

In Season 3, while Amanda and Jordan are celebrating their second anniversary, it is revealed that Amanda and


Jordan were broken up for two weeks at one point in their relationship and he got her new phone number through Facebook. In the Season 3 reunion, it is revealed that the couple broke up because Jordan attended clubs regularly, and Amanda didn't like that.

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Jordan has appeared on the 'Couples Retreat' episodes of Little Women: LA, alongside Amanda.


Jordan started dating Amanda Salinas on December 14, 2014. In Summer 2017, the couple got engaged. The two tied the knot on August 25, 2018.


  • A hobby that Jordan enjoys is fishing.
  • He and his wife have two French Bulldogs named D'bo and Bella (who's birthday is July 11th), and once owned another dog named Asia.