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Jessica Capri Sloan is a main cast member on Little Women: NY. She joined the cast on Season 2.


Jessica Capri Sloan was born on December 16, 1987 in New Jersey. Desppite being proportionate, the type of dwarfism that Jessica has is Achondroplasia. Before she was on Little Women: NY, Capri was a competitor in the Micro Championship Wrestling little person wrestling circuit under the ring name "Jersey Jess", and worked with the famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan, alongside castmate Katie Snyder.

Behind the Scenes

Castmate Katie Snyder is Capri's best friend.

Sloan is currently engaged to Dru Edwards. The two welcomed their first child (a boy, named Jax Nicholas Edwards) in November 2020.

Jessica and her son, Jax.


  • Jessica is the tallest person to ever be a cast member on Little Women: NY, and a Little Women show altogether.