Jaidan Neal is the son of Little Women: Atlanta cast member Tanya Scott.


Jaidan Neal was born on December 31, 2014 to Tanya Scott. His father is Scott's ex-boyfriend, Nico Cobb. He shares the surname of Devon Neal (Tanya's boyfriend) because Tanya cheated on Neal with Nico, got impregnated by him, and didn't think that Nico was his father until she received the results from a DNA test, months after Jaidan was born.

Jaidan (right) and his sister Luna (left).

Like his mother, Jaidan has Pseudoachondroplasia Dwarfism.

Neal has two sisters named Luna (3), and Tahirih (1).

In Spring 2017, Jaidan underwent leg surgery to correct the bowing in his legs.

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