"I'm Gone" is a song performed by Little Women: Dallas cast member Rightcheek (Emily Fernandez) and Ratchetasswooda (Cordero "Wooda" Bowen).




You're so insane.

You're drivin' me insane

Said you're so insane, you're drivin' me insane.

I ain't gone ??? no mo.



I'm tired of all yo ??? got me stressin',

I ain't with the games so get to steppin'.

You ain't bout that life so quit the textin.

You're so insane, you're drivin' me insane.

You're so insane, you're drivin' me insane


(Verse 1)


N****s got me stressin',

Wonderin why they textin,

Get the fuck off my phone,

Leave me alone.

I don't wanna hear yo voice,

No more of that g*ddamn noise,

poppin' pills don't make that choice.

No more.

I can't take you serious,

boy you just delirious,

I don't wanna fuck wit you.

No more.

And I'll take no more cuts for you,

Just wanna make you bust a few,

?????????? the deuce,

(No more).

I don't wanna be wit you.

No more.

I don't wanna play no games.

No more.

Boy you drivin' me insane,

Put that pistol to my brain,

Hate that I can't see the change,

So I'm gone.

I'm already on my shit,

You just sunk yo battleship,

watch me while I'm takin trips.

So long.

I give you a million chances,

Took my love I gave for granted,

broke my heart then left me stranded.

So I'm gone.


(Verse 2)


When I'm home alone,

Scrolling through my callers,

See yo name then I pause.

Wait hold on.

I'm gettin' all teary-eyed,

from the pain I feel inside,

Forgave your ass can't let it ride.

I've moved on.

I think Ima take some chances.

And move on.

You had my heart and took advantage,

You're so wrong.

(I can't make you understand it).

(Bitch I'm gone).

You never listen there's always tention,

So what's wrong?

All this time I fucked wit you,

Wasn't even speaking the truth,

Had me sittin' down by ????.

My mind numb.

i thought you was bout that life,

But you was a lame ain't got them stripes,

I was fucked up and now I'm right.

Bitch I'm gone...

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