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Gettin Rich is a single that is performed by Leftcheek (Bri Barlup) and Rightcheek (Emily Fernandez).



Watchu doin?

(Gettin' rich bitch!)

(Gettin’ rich bitch!)

Watchu doin?

(Hittin’ licks bitch!)

(Hittin’ licks bitch!)

How you do it?

Three bands for a show,

I’m never goin’ broke,

So tell these bitches how you do it

(Gettin rich bitch!)

I do it fast

Do it slow,

just collectin’ bankroll.

I do what I want, hating bitches say I front.

I ain’t flexin’ just finessin’

But I’m known to bring oppression,

Show these lame ass bitches how I do it.

(Gettin’ rich bitch)

Just watch me do it.

This how I do it.

I’m finna do it.

Just watch me move it.

(Verse 1) 


Catch me on TV.

Where the stars be.

Reality whore?

Nah I’m so much more.

I ain’t from the block,

Million dollar lot,

I be chasin’ paper (chaching!),

My ass my moneymaker,

I ain’t really work,

I’m gettin’ paid to twerk.

(Gettin’ rich bitch!)

I’m just gonna tell you one time,

How I turned that bitch’s boy into mine,

Imma let you know how we do,

What it’s like to take a walk in my shoes.

I just do me.

What else is there to see.

I’m just livin’ life,

Turned up and lived the life???


(Verse 2)


I go left cheek i go right cheek

Think I’m famous guess I might be

Going viral on the web,

don’t care what haters spread,

I get money, I get bread

Getting rich I what I said

We’re the ones who did it first

Hottest bitch to ever twerk.


Don’t get your feelings hurt

not my fault you look the worst.

You say it’s Lil Twerk

Imma put you in the dirt.


I’m not tryna be a bitch,

just worried bout gettin’ rich,

I got money on my mind,

This a grind to make me shine

I just do it for the views,

try to do it you gon’ lose,

left or right it’s hard to choose,

we come through we break the rules,

we get paper on the regular I run it up.

I’m just thumbin’ through the racks till the sun come up.