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Erik Tsou is the husband of former Little Women: LA cast member Traci Harrison Tsou.


Erik Tsou was born on April 22. The type of dwarfism that he has is Achondroplasia. Before moving to California, he lived in New Jersey. Growing up, Tsou struggled with his weight--and ended up weighing 220 pounds at one point during his adult life. Erik decided to take control of his weight, so from 2009-2011, he took up a strict fitness plan which consisted of him going to the gym five times a week. As a result, he lost 40 pounds.

Erik met his wife Traci Harrison Tsou on dating site for little people. Erik moved from New Jersey to live with Traci (after they got engaged) in California. Due to Traci's religious beliefs, she and Erik didn't consummate their relationship until they got married. The two tied the knot when Traci was 39.

One morning, Erik's legs gave out. After meeting with a physician, he learned that one of his legs wasn't receiving enough fluid from his spine and he would need surgery. After the surgery, Tsou fell into depression. He overcame it, but it took some time to do so.

Erik and his wife definitely wanted to start a family. Erik's wife Traci suffered two miscarriages, but on November 12, 2015, Traci and her husband Erik welcomed a son named Jacob. Despite both of his parents being little people, Jacob was born average-sized.