Dru Presta  guest starred on two Season 7 episodes of Little Women: LA.


Christy's daughter Autumn is going out clubbing for the first time with her friend Dru. Dru meets Autumn at her parents house before they head to the club. Dru introduces herself to Christy and Todd. Dru tells Christy and Todd that she's been to Tigerheat (the club that she and Autumn will be going to) before, it's a lot of fun, and the people at the club are nice.

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She also tells them that her other friends will be in attendance of the club that night too. Todd reminds Dru that Autumn will be attending the club for the first time that night. Christy gets up and shows Autumn some things that she should take with her so that she can protect herself such as a whistle, pepper spray, and a taser.

Dru and Autumn take a car service to the club. On the way there, Dru asks Autumn what she looks for in a man, and if she prefers little person men over average height men.

The two arrive to the club. In the commentary, Autumn says when she arrived to the club she was nervous, and she has really bad social anxiety from being her size. But she's less stressed being with Dru because she "knows

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the ropes".The ladies have a drink before they enter the club scene. Dru reminds Autumn that that night is about her, and they're going to have a good night. They make a toast. Dru's two other friends arrive and Dru introduces them to Autumn.

Dru, her other friends, and Autumn dance and have a good time. She and Autumn even get to dance on stage in front of the crowd at the club.

Dru makes her second appearance on Little Women: LA on the Season 7 episode, "Kicking and Screaming".

Her third appearance on Little Women: LA is on the Season 7 episode titled, "Sins and the City", where she accompanies Autumn, who is getting her first tattoo.


Dru Presta was born in October 1995 in Reno, Nevada. The type of dwarfism that she has is Metaphaseal Displaysia. She is the only little person in her family.

Presta attended The Art Instistitute of California to study Fashion Marketing. She graduated with a Bachelors degree.

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Dru is an Instagram model. She has over 29,000 followers on her Instagram account.

In 2017, Presta appeared on a YouTube video titled, "The 3ft 4in Model | SHAKE MY BEAUTY" on a channel called, "Barcroft TV". As of May 29, 2018, the video received over 1.6 million views.

She has a YouTube channel under the name of "Dru Presta".

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