Cordero "Wooda" Bowen guest-starred in episodes of Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Dallas.


Wooda first appeared on Little Women: Atlanta as the father of Bri Barlup's son, Malik. The two were never in a relationship, and have known each other for over five years. They went to a relationship counselor, where Wooda said he saw himself in a relationship with Bri--just not at that moment, and admitted that he was intimate with another woman at the time.

The two agreed to co-parent their son Malik, and even lived together despite their failed attempts to form a relationship.

Many months after Bri, Wooda, and their son Malik moved to Dallas, Wooda left Bri and Malik behind to pursue his music career, since he had gotten signed to a record label. On the Season 2 reunion of Little Women: Dallas, Wooda makes his return after not being in quite a few


Bri and Wooda at a photoshoot for "Cosign Magazine".

episodes in Season 2. Some light is also shed on he and Bri's relationship. Wooda revealed that he is the father of Bri's second child, was never out of the picture with Bri--even when she was dating another man briefly, and that he didn't want to form a relationship with Bri at the moment.

Behind the Scenes

Cordero Robert Bowen was born on December 14, 1987 in Denton, Texas.

Wooda is the father to three children: Malik Bowen (5), Karter Bowen (1), and Woody (8). Bri Barlup is the mother of Malik and Karter, and Woody was conceived during a previous relationship of Wooda's. Like his mother, Malik has Achondroplasia dwarfism. His son Karter is average-sized.

Wooda is a rapper under the name "Ratchetasswooda". He has recorded over a dozen songs, including, "I'm Gone", featuring Little Women: Dallas cast member Emily Fernandez, and "Thumb Thru It", also featuring Fernandez and Bri Barlup. He released his first mixtape titled, "$ex, Drugs, & Pesos", on March 21, 2016.

In 2017, Wooda got signed to a record label.