"Can You Hear Me Now?" is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Little Women: Dallas.



Amanda goes to Asta's house to talk about what happened at the open mic night. Asta says the night after the drama happened at the open mic night he texted Amanda multiple times and asked if she was OK. She points out how it was disrespectful how chase through Amanda's phone on the ground and when she sees that kind of behavior she's not going to just let it happen because it's not right, and she's not going to let that happen to her best friend.  Amanda says that Chase is not a horrible person, he makes her happy and she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him. Asta says that ever since she started seeing Chase she has changed. Amanda admits that she lied to Caylea. Asta says that you don't lie to your friends like that. She says that she doesn't care about Caylea's feelings anymore. Amanda says she's a heartless b****. Asta says she doesn't like the fact that Chase is bringing out the bad personality in Amanda and the "drinking thing", and she doesn't want her to go down the wrong path. Amanda says if she has changed so much maybe they shouldn't be friends anymore. Asta says she doesn't want to see Amanda go down the same path that her mother did. In the commentary, Asta says that a year ago, Amanda's mother passed away from liver disease after years of being an alcoholic. She's just worried that with Chase, Amanda is going to start following in her mom's footsteps. Then Amanda leaves Asta's house. Asta tells Amanda that she needs to open up her eyes. Amanda tells Asta that she needs to open up her eyes and she's happy.

Caylea and D'Quan meet with their entertainment manager, Rallo to talk about their performance at the open mic night. Caylea says that she hopes that their manager didn't see what happened between Chase and Amanda that night. Then Rallo shows up. Caylea asks Rallo how they did. Rallo says he has good news and bad news. The bad news is they shouldn't be fighting, and it could really affect their career. The good news is, Caylea and D'Quan are going to be on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Rallo says that he thinks they did a good job, and tells Caylea that she has an opportunity to talk to some at risk kids about bullying.....

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