Booty Bee is a single that is performed by Little Women: LA cast member Terra Jolé.



You know it..


(Do the booty dance do the booty dance)

Come on girls, do the booty dance

(Do the booty dance do the booty dance. Do the booty dance)

Lets do it!

(Verse 1)

Your booty’s like ???? smashed a watermelon,

Booty Bees rock hard cause I keep shit movin’

Your booty’s got IP address like Rick Reuben,

Booty Bee’s seatbelt fits right in tight,

Your booty needs two to take a flight,

Booty Bee’s backside claps on demand,

Your booty is louder than a marching band!


Do the booty dance do the booty dance (Hey!)

Do the booty dance do the booty dance (Hey!)

Do the booty dance do the booty dance.

Do the boo-ty dance


(Verse 2)

Booty Bee has a booty that played an elf,

Your booty looks like it ate an elf!

Booty Bee’s crack looks tight in the thong,

Your booty leaves skid marks six feet long.

Booty Bee’s dressed in Gucci and Prada,

Your knockoff hot pants ain’t worth nada.

Booty Bee’s booty can shimmy and shake,

But here come ya booty and it’s an earthquaaake!

(Chorus, 2x)

(Verse 3)

Boobies poppin’ round is not really my thing,

I’m a flat-chested Bee not to fuck with the rest ?????

????? brush teeth but it kicks ????? flow

Call my girls jump in turn it up lets go.

Do, you, want, to, do the booty dance?

(Na na na na)

Jiggle, shake, pause, break,

Stretchin’ out those pants.

(Na na na na)

(Those pants!)

(Booty Left!…Booty Right!)

Do you want to do the booty dance?

(Booty left!...Booty right!)

Jiggle, shake, pause, break,

(Booty left! Booty right!)

Stretchin’ out those pants

(Chorus, 2x)



(Booty left!)

(Booty right!)

(Booty left!)

(Booty right!)