Austin James Skovran is the boyfriend of Little Women: Dallas cast member Tiffani Chance. He made his first appearance on the show in Season 1.


Austin lived in Ohio before he moved to be in Dallas with Tiffani. He first appeared on the show on the Season 1 episode titled, "Everything's Bigger in Texas". He surpised Tiffani by showing up to the bar where she and the rest of the ladies were celebrating Caylea's 21st birthday.

In the next episode titled, "Dallas, Not Austin", Austin tells Tiffani that he wants to live with her in Dallas. Tiffani is ecstatic to have Austin live with her. Tiffani and Austin agree to have Caylea (Tiffani's best friend at the time) to move out of Tiffani's house so that Austin can move in.

Caylea moves out, Austin moves in with Tiffani, and attempts to find a job. Tiffani complains about how Austin just sits around the house and plays video games while she goes out and works all day.

After getting into an argument with Austin, and taking some advice from her father, Tiffani buys a plane ticket for Austin so that he can go back to Ohio, since he isn't contributing to the household. Austin leaves, and Tiffani is heartbroken.

While in Ohio, Austin asks Bri for advice on how to win Tiffani back.

A few episodes later, Austin returns to Dallas, and surprises Tiffani at her house. He tells Tiffani that he found a job, and then proposes to her. Tiffani turns down Austin's proposal, because she feels like they are too young to marry, and they need to do more living and building.

Since Austin works nights, and Tiffani works days, the couple doesn't get to spend time together as much. This becomes an issue within their relationship.

In the Season 2 finale, Tiffani expresses how she wants to be engaged to Austin. Austin says that he is in a point in his life where he doesn't want to be engaged, and Tiffani turning down his proposal was a blessing in disguise. Later, Austin takes his things and moves out of Tiffani's house without warning. He leaves Tiffani a note telling her to figure out what she wants, and that he's done.

In the Season 2 Reunion, Tiffani says that she did get in contact with Austin after he moved out of her house, and he's figuring out what he wants to do as far as his career. The two of them are figuring out what they want together.


Austin has been dating Tiffani Chance for over five years.


  • Austin was fifteen years old when he started dating Tiffani.
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