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André is the son of Little Women: Atlanta cast member Andrea Salinas. He first appeared on the show in Season 1.


André was born on April 1, 2013. His mother is Andrea Salinas, and his father is Chris Fernandez. Amanda Salinas Castillo is his aunt. He has another aunt, and an uncle named Oscar Salinas Jr. He is the older brother of Andrea Salinas' daughers Aubrey and Anaya.

André (center), and his sisters Aubrey (left) and Anaya (right).

Like his mother, aunt, and both of his sisters, André has Achondroplasia Dwarfism.

When André was born he was very sick, and almost died. He was diagnosed with Lung Disease. Thankfully, he

pulled through his illness. André lives in Texas with his maternal grandparents Janie and Oscar so that he can stay close to his doctors. They adopted him, but Andrea does plan on having André move in with her, Chris, and her daughters after he gets his health together.

During season 6 of Little Women: Atlanta, his mother Andrea opted to not have he and his siblings appear on the show anymore, due to hurtful comments they received from strangers on the internet regarding their sizes. Andrea is doing it to protect them.

André (right), and his sister Aubrey.