"A Little BBQ, a Lot of Beef" is the third episode of Season 2 of Little Women: Dallas, and the 17th episode of the series overall.



Asta and Bri go to a costume and accessory store. Asta asks Bri if she's looking forward to her upcoming photo shoot. Bri says she's excited and nervous. In the commentary, Bri says she's a single mother and has to rely on herself, so she really wants to get serious about her modeling career. Asta tells Bree that she has to get waxed before she gets painted for her photo shoot. Bri tries on some body paint for her photo shoot. Asta tells Bri that it would be a good idea for the ladies (including Caylea) to go to Meat Church, a place where people can learn how to make a barbecue. Bri says it would be fun and thinks he's trying to be too nice. She knows she's trying to get everyone together but Caylea thinks she can do anything. Asta says that Caylea messed up but they have all done some kind of girl on girl crime to hurt each other, and she feels like they should all stick together. Asta says maybe she should talk to Caylea to see what's going on in her mind. Bri says Asta can try----but she should take her husband Ty with her just in case if Caylea wants to smack her in the face.

Caylea is shown at her apartment. She video chats with her friend Brittney. She says that she and Brittney go way back and she hasn't talked to her in a minute since she lives in Los Angeles and is always busy. She tells Brittney that she has a new boyfriend, but she misses having girl time. She says that she's not close with any of the ladies in the group anymore. Brittney says she's had a past with Emily and she doesn't like her. Brittney says she will fly to Dallas to see Caylea and hang out with her.

Bri and Emily go to a nail salon to get their nails done, and so Bri can get her first Brazilian wax. Emily asked Bri why she is getting a wax. Bri says that it's for a photo shoot. Bri says that she's having the photo shoot for her portfolio. Then Bri tells Emily that Asta wants all of the ladies to go to Meat Church including Caylea. Emily said she's not going to be okay with what Caylea did to her. Emily says maybe she will go. Then Bree gets ready to get waxed. Bree gets waxed and it looks like it hurts because she is shouting in pain.

Tiffani is shown at her house playing with her dog. Her boyfriend Austin joins her in the yard. Tiffani says that things are going great between she and Austin. The two then FaceTime with Tiffani's parents. Tiffani said she wants to talk about engagement thing between she and Austin. Tiffani's father says that if Austin were to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage at the moment he would say no. In the commentary, Tiffani says her parents are very old-fashioned and are not afraid to tell others how they feel. Tiffani's mom asks the two if they can survive on their current incomes. Tiffani's mom says that with a career, they can support a family. Tiffani's mom says that another thing that the couple needs to work on is how they talk to each other, and being able to understand each other. Her mother suggests that they go to counseling. At first Austin said he wasn't going to do it, but then he agrees to go to counseling.

Asta and Caylea meet up at a coffee shop. Asta says she wants to be friends with Caylea still but it's hard, and the last time she tried to make peace,Caylea attacked Amanda. Caylea says looking back on the incident, she feels terrible for doing so. She says she had so many emotions bottled up. She mentioned how Emily was one of her very good friends. In the commentary Caylea says that the whole thing with Emily and her, she never intended that her miscarriage was the same thing as losing a child. She thinks that Emily is so upset about losing her son that she's taking it out on her. Caylea says she knows she screwed up but doesn't know how to make things right. Asta says that Caylea can just apologize. In the commentary Asta says that if Caylea messes things up at the barbecue, she will never forgive her.

Amanda, Brichelle, and Tiffani go to a bakery. The three sit down and eat their cake and have drinks. Amanda mentions how insane The Anger Room was when the group went, and she mentions how everybody was smashing furniture with pictures of Caylea's face on them. Rachelle says that Kaylee brought that upon herself and she wishes that she could just shake Kaylee and tell her to change.  She says that they shouldn't give up on Kaylee. Amanda says that it's up to Kaylee to change your attitude. In the commentary, Amanda says she's still pretty mad at Kaylee but Brichelle has a point. If she gives her a sincere apology she is willing to hear her out. Amanda says that Asta invited all the ladies to a barbecue and Caylea is invited too. Brichelle asks Tiffani what's going on with her relationship with Austin. Tiffani says Austin wants to get married, and she doesn't want to yet. Tiffani says that they need to work on maturity and her mother suggested that they go to pre marriage Christian counseling. Brichelle asks if Austin wants to go.Tiffani says he's kind of skeptical about it, because he thinks that going to see a counselor will tear him down, and plus he's not a really big church person. Brichelle says that when they get married Austin is going to have to compromise since church is a big thing in Tiffani's family. Brichelle says that Austin needs to go to pre adult counseling, considering how he's 19. In the commentary, Brichelle says that she needs to be honest with herself. Her relationship with Austin is broken, and if Austin doesn't want to do anything to fix it she needs to start asking herself if Austin is the right one for her.

-Brittney and Kaylee go out dancing and spend time together along with their boyfriends. The two sit down and talk. In the commentary Caylea says the nice thing about Brittney is that she gets her. She's been telling her everything about the girls and it's really nice to have someone actually listen to her and understand her perspective. Caylea mentions how she will apologize to Amanda and she doesn't want to lose a friend. And she helps and she apologize she'll say sorry to her.  Caylea says things will go well with she and Emily when she apologizes to her. Brittney says that she's known Emily for a while and she doesn't like her. Brittney says that her mother lost three kids and she kind of sees where Emily is coming from and where Kaylee is coming from. Britney says that she doesn't like Emily. In the commentary, Caylea says that Brittney's parents are little people and they lost three children at birth due to double dominant genetics. Caylea says that she knows she messed up, and wants everyone to know that she's sorry, but with Emily she already tried once but it bit her in the behind. She worries that if she tries again, she's going to make everything worse. Brittney says Caylea should apologize. Caylea says that Britney should go to the barbecue with her. Brittney says she has her back.

Tiffani and Austin go to counseling. The counselor asks who drove them to go to counseling. Tiffani says her mother did. The counselor asks Austin how he feels about being there. Austin says he wouldn't take the time out of his day to talk to the counselor. The counselor asks Tiffani and Austin what they want out of their relationship. Austin says he wants to spend the rest of his life with Tiffani. Tiffani said she wants to them to be able to understand each other more and talk instead of yelling and she's pretty good at hurting his feelings. The counselor asks Austin how it makes him feel when the woman he loves hurts his feelings. Austin said it makes him want to hurt her feelings. Tiffani says the biggest problem that she and Austin have is when they get mad, they say terrible things to each other. The counselor says that's not the foundation that they want. Counselor asks Tiffani if there are any things that Houston has it but still hurt her. She says the B-word hurts her.  The counselor says there's a chance that Tiffani's friends might see the patterns that don't work for her and Austin and she needs to understand that there's a little validity to what they're saying, and sometimes it's hard to say things in front of your partner... So she thinks that she need some one-on-one time to talk to Austin about the relationship. Austin refuses to have one on one time with the counselor. In the commentary, Tiffani says that she is hurt and disappointed. She said she really thought Austin was serious about fixing their relationship.

Bri gets ready for her photo shoot. Asta, Tiffani and Amanda show up for support. Asta is the artist who painted the background for Bri's Photo shoot. I'm a commentary Bri says that she doesn't know how she would've took that photo shoot together without Asta. Bri gets her body painted.  Bri takes some pictures and looks amazing.

The ladies go to The Meat Church where they will learn how to make barbecue. The ladies learn how to season brisket. Then they carry the briskets and put them on the grill. 

Meanwhile, Caylea and Brittney are on their way to the barbecue. In the commentary, Caylea says she decided to go to Asta's barbecue to apologize to Amanda and Emily. She's ready to put everything behind her, but walking into a place where everyone hates you is kind of intimidating, so she decided to take Brittney with her. And at least she'll have one friend with her. Before they make it to the restaurant, Caylea stops at the gas station to fill her truck up. They hit the road again. Caylea says she's nervous about showing up to the barbecue. She says she would rather be the bigger person and talk things out with everyone, and wishes that she knew what the rest of the ladies were thinking.

Back at Meat Church, the ladies are waiting for the briskets to cook. Bri says she is enjoying the peace. Then Caylea and Brittney show up to the restaurant. Asta says she's glad Caylea was there but she hopes she apologizes. Caylea said she decided to show up and apologize to everybody for her actions. She apologizes to Amanda for smacking her. She says she wasn't trying to ruin their friendship. She says that isn't her and she doesn't hit people. Amanda tells Caylea not to worry, because she's showing her true colors. Amanda says if she didn't want to ruin her friendship she wouldn't have smacked her upside the head. Amanda says Caylea says that's not who she is, but that's what she did, and if she had a problem with her, she should have talked to her first. Brittney intervenes and points out how Amanda "dated" Caylea's ex. Brichelle tells Brittney to be quiet. Amanda says she didn't date him and they're just friends. In the commentary, Amanda said she's not over what Caylea did to her. Emily asked Caylea if that's the reason why she showed up. Caylea said she's still trying to talk. Emily says what Caylea is saying is like shit coming out of her mouth. Caylea Apologizes to Emily and says she didn't mean to hurt her feelings, and didn't mean for the misunderstanding to happen. Emily says what Caylea did was clear as day. She says that both of the situations were different and you can't apologize if you don't care about what the other person says.  Brittney says Caylea is saying sorry to them and if it's not good enough for them--oh well. Brichelle tells Brittney to be quiet, and she doesn't know half of the stuff that happened. Emily said she feels like Kaylee has altered herself into a different person. Brittney says that Emily is in no position to say that Caylea isn't sincere. Brichelle tells Brittney to be quiet once again. Brittney asks Brichelle if she is the head queen there. In the commentary, Brichelle says she doesn't know what Brittney's history is with Emily, but Caylea should not bring a crap starter to an apology. Caylea says she's just there apologizing. Emily says no one believes her. Emily said she was bawling her eyes out and Caylea was sitting there with a straight face, and what she did was like spitting in her face. Emily takes a sip of her drink and spits it out on Caylea. To be continued.

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